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Most Frequently Asked Question:-

Q1.How do I track my Orders?

A:You can track all your orders through our Website. By going to the tab Track. Upon placing the orders, the tracking number/ Airwaybill number would be sent over the order confirmation email.

Q2.What is shipment/parcel?

A:The product which packed to be sent is called shipment/parcel or package.

Q3.What is In-Transit?

A:If your tracking status is in transit status that means that your courier has been picked up and its on the way to the destination address.

Q4.What is out for delivery?

A:If your tracking status shows that it is out for delivery that means the courier is about to deliver the shipment in the course of the day.

Q5.What is picked up?

A:If your tracking status shows that shipment been picked up that means your courier has been picked up successfully from the source address.

Q6.What is delivered?

A:If your tracking status shows that shipment has been delivered that means your courier is delivered successfully to the destination address.

Q7.What happens if the shipment is not delivered?

A:It will be returned to the origin (RTO) and the cost of the return to be borne by the sender.

Q8.Do I have to pack the product?

A:The package is the responsibility of the shipper/sender. INSTACouriers or the courier operator is not responsible for the packaging.

Q9.What is the liability of the product is damaged?

A:If it is one time shipment we are not liable. You are sending the package at your own risk.

Q10.What is the time for pick up?

A:Depending on the operator the cut off time for pickup varies. Generally, if it is booked today the pickup would happen tomorrow depending on the location.

Q11.What is the delivery time?

A:Depending on the location the standard delivery time would be 2 to 3 days. This varies from operator to operator. For North East and J&K it would be 6 to 7 days.